Gudetama 3 in 1 Cutlery Set

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Welcome back one of Japan’s most famous and beloved mascots, Gudetama! Known around the world for his sarcastic and self-defeating remarks, lazy egg Gudetama is the voice of your true self! Gudetama enjoys being lazy, complaining about the cold, avoiding responsibilities, and half-heartedly trying to escape being eaten.


Product Description:

The Gudetama 3 in 1 Cutlery Set showcases the cute egg Gudetama getting ready to be eaten! He is slumped onto his egg yolk blanket, surrounded by mouth watering sides including sausages, bacon, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and croissants! Gudetama’s face leans against the fork, sleepy and lazy despite his oncoming fate!

This set contains your most essential cutlery, all in Gudetama’s trademark orange cover! The chopsticks, fork, and spoon are wide and easy to hold. The fork and spoon show Gudetama snoozing under his bacon blanket, while the chopsticks show him emerging from his eggshell hiding spot! Never forget your cutlery again with this useful and adorable set!


Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 20.6 x 8.2 x 1.7cm
  • Length: spoon 13cm, fork 13cm, chopsticks 16.5cm
  • NOT Microwave Safe!
  • Dishwasher Safe!
  • Made in Japan

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