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Stampler Stapler With Stamp


Why would you buy a normal stapler when you can get a Stampler?


Suck UK revolutionized your ordinary stationery product to provide you with this handy tool. 


Definition: stamp•ler [stam-pler]


1. A machine for fastening together sheets of paper or the like, with wire staples, whilst also stamping a self-inked design onto the paper.


stamp•le [stam-puhl]

-verb (used with object)

1. To secure or fasten by a staple or staples: to staple sheets together, whilst simultaneously printing a design on the paper using a stamp.


Sometimes in life something comes out that is so revolutionary its name becomes synonymous with the job it does, eg. hoovering or googling. Other times a product comes along that completely replaces whatever was 'normal' before it – like the motor car replacing the horse. We aren’t trying to boast, but Stampler could be the next big thing in both regards. It looks and works like a normal stapler, but has an added attachment that prints a face at the same time. 


Material: Mild steel


Dimensions: 16cm x 6.5cm x 4cm

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