Super Mario - Drinking Glass

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Take a break from attempting to rescue Princess Peach and enjoy a nice refreshing drink with your favourite Italian plumber in this Super Mario Bros Glass. This 400ml drinking glass has an instantly recognisable printed design that features a classic level from the retro Super Mario Bros game. This glass makes a wonderful gift for lovers of the Super Mario Bros game and the Super Mario franchise in general as well as retro gaming fans. Great for use at home, at work or at school, enjoy your next drink with Super Mario himself.

One of the most popular and instantly recognisable video game characters of all time, Mario first appeared in the iconic 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong under the name 'Jumpman'. Since then, Mario has become a legend within popular culture and has been a defining figure not just for Nintendo, but for the whole gaming industry. Since hitting the big time with Super Mario Bros. Mario has had huge success with other instalments such as Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 3D World and the hugely popular racing spin-off Super Mario Kart.

This Super Mario Bros Glass is an officially licensed Super Mario product.

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