Newton's Cradle with Marble Base

Sale price$32.95


Add some stylish executive style to your home or office with this Newton's Cradle with Black Marble Base. Featuring 5 stainless steel balls in a reflective chrome finish, you'll be hearing that satisfying clack every time it collides - and due to physics, you'll be hearing those clacks for a while. Simply lift one ball and entrance everyone with the mesmerising movement. Measuring 18 x 15 x 19 cm, this Newton's Cradle has a bold striking presence on your desk.

Product features:

- Watch science in motion with the Newton's Cradle on a elegant marble base

- Just lift one ball and momentum will take care of the rest

- A great distraction and fun piece to watch for all ages

- 180(L) x 150(W) x 190(H) mm

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